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I have had the great pleasure of working with DIRECTV extensively for many years on a huge variety of projects — including a full re-design of their internal employer brand.

employer brand

style guide (selected pages)

DIRECTV’s external consumer brand didn’t represent their internal culture; having the old-tech word “TV” in its name made attracting and retaining new-tech talent difficult.  Visual strategies for the many departments and sub-brands had to be considered and created.

I worked with their Corporate Communications team to create a new internal visual brand under the employee-centric vision statement “Entertain Your Future.”  New communications “got real” by featuring actual employees and testimonials.

employer brand sample layouts

new hire materials

welcome folder
new hire folder
new hire application

sub-brand: “TotalPicture” benefits

poster for benefits program
sample suite of email headers
brochure (front)
brochure (back)

sub-brand: “CORE” intranet

types of projects done for DIRECTV

  • logos + branded campaigns
  • powerpoints
  • brochures
  • posters
  • print + onscreen ads
  • intranet graphics
  • technical booklets
  • interactive pdfs
  • video concepts/design
  • direct mail
  • booth graphics
  • social media graphics
  • signage
  • online + print stationery suites
  • postcards
  • maps/infographics